Parking lot P+R, Dobřanská-Kaplířova

The subject of the project is the construction of a parking lot for cars with the possibility of entry and parking of buses between Kaplířova - Dobřanská streets on the site of the original TJ Slovan playground, including modifications of the related infrastructure. It is not a parking for public transport buses.

The aim of the project is to build a P+R PARKING LOT (318 parking spaces) in the open space between Dobřanská and Kaplířova streets in close proximity to public transport and the newly built public transport terminal "Kaplířova transfer node".

The P+R car park will be located on the outskirts of Pilsen at the crossing point of the tram line with an important entrance to the city (southern part of the I/27 road).

The car park will create a systemic link between individual car, public line and public transport. The parking lot is designed in a position with a close connection to the backbone tram line 4 and bus lines so that the connection to public transport is fast and convenient for passengers.

The project aims to reduce the use of individual car transport in favour of more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as public transport or walking. The development of alternative modes of transport should lead, among other things, to a decrease in the number of traffic accidents, congestion, environmental improvements by reducing emissions, vibrations and noise, while improving traffic safety and ensuring barrier-free access.

The benefits of the project include a reduction in the burden of car traffic in the city centre, improved and faster transfers between public transport (tram, bus), public line transport and individual transport. At the same time, the conditions for residents in the centre of Pilsen will improve.

The project "P+R PARKING LOT, DOBŘANSKÁ -KAPLÍŘOVA" together with the projects "Extension of the tram line to Borská pole - part of the Tramway line" and "Extension of the tram line to Borská pole - part of the Plzeň/Kaplířova - Dobřanská transfer junction" respond to the change in the organisation of public transport and public transport in the Borská pole area. These projects will form a coherent functional unit.

The Borské pole site is a large area, approximately 350 ha in size, which has undergone significant development over the last 20 years with different types of development. The site includes an industrial zone, commercial centres, multifunctional office buildings, apartment buildings and a university complex. The area was served only by bus transport until 2011, since 2011 one trolleybus line has been added.

In 2020, tram line No. 4 was extended to the Borská pole site and a transfer terminal was built as part of the project "Extension of the tram line to Borská pole - part of the Plzeň/Kaplířova - Dobřanská transfer junction".

The construction of P+R car parks is an important tool to support public transport and integrated transport systems.

P+R (park and ride) is a form of combined transport with a link between individual car transport and public transport.

Main goals

  • Reduction of car traffic in the city centre
  • improving and speeding up transfers between public transport (tram, bus), public line and individual transport
  • improving conditions for residents in the centre of Pilsen


  • the project is co-financed by the European Union, from IROP 2014-2020, through the ITI PMO instrument
  • expected amount of subsidy: CZK 40 million


The tender for the construction contractor was announced on 12/2/2021.