About us


European Projects Coordination Unit of the City of Pilsen (UKEP) was established on 1 March 2005 as a contributory organisation of the City of Pilsen. Its founder is the City of Pilsen and its management is entrusted to the Office of the Mayor of Pilsen.

Purpose and goals

Our main objective is the coordination of subsidy projects. We focus primarily on the preparation of such projects, the processing of applications for subsidies, the management and implementation of projects and their subsequent administrative settlement.


UKEP provides information in the field of obtaining subsidies and grants, mainly focused on EU resources, and provides services to all entities within the city of Pilsen and other interested parties with whom it cooperates on specific projects.

It focuses on larger projects implemented with the contribution of the European Union, both the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. At the same time, it provides optimization of the management and financing structure for the implemented projects. As part of optimizing the applicant's own resources, it obtains funding from national and local sources.

Who we are

UKEP is an organization that mainly employs project management managers and specialists for individual activities. When dealing with specific projects, it cooperates with experts within the City of Pilsen and, if necessary, with external specialists for specific projects.


European Projects Coordination Unit
of the City of Pilsen

Divadelní 105/3
301 21 Pilsen
+420 378 035 951