Parking lots P+R, E. Škody square

The subject of the project "P+R parking lot, E. Škoda Square" is the construction modification of the existing paved area used for vehicle parking and the creation of a new P+R parking lot on náměstí E. Škoda with a capacity of 163 parking spaces, from which the public transport can continue. The project includes vegetation, public lighting, installation of a CCTV system and the addition of a storm water drainage system including a light liquid separator.

P+R (Park & Ride) is a form of combined transport with the connection of individual car transport to public transport.

The car park will create a systemic link between individual car transport, public transport and public transport. The car park is designed in a position with a close connection to the tram line No. 2, trolleybus and bus lines (central bus station, hereinafter referred to as CAN) so that the connection to public transport is fast and convenient for passengers.

The location of the building is within the extent of the existing inadequate parking area on Emil Škoda Square, defined by Tyl Street at the southern boundary, Hus Street at the northern boundary, the local road on Emil Škoda Square at the western boundary and the area of the existing park at the eastern boundary. There is a parking area with associated transport and technical infrastructure. There are undeveloped green areas on part of the site.

The aim of the project is to reduce the use of individual car transport in favour of more environmentally friendly modes of transport, such as public transport or pedestrian transport.The development of alternative modes of transport should lead, among other things, to a decrease in the number of traffic accidents, congestion, improvement of the environment by reducing emissions, vibrations and noise while increasing traffic safety and ensuring barrier-free access.

Main goals

  • reduction of car traffic in the city centre
  • improving and speeding up transfers between public transport (tram, bus), public line and individual transport
  • improving conditions for residents in the centre of Pilsen


  • the project is co-financed by the European Union, from IROP 2014-2020, through the ITI PMO instrument
  • estimated cost.: CZK 18.5 million incl. VAT
  • expected amount of subsidy: CZK 13.2 million


Estimated project completion: october 2022