Pilsen Science and Technology park Park II

Seven multifunctional buildings B1, B2, C1, C2, D2, F2, G2, including the complete infrastructure of the premises, were built in the STP area in 2009-2012. A part of the subsidy provided was also used to purchase internal equipment for offices, meeting rooms, common areas and software and hardware equipment for future tenants.

As part of the PSTP II project, a unique workplace equipped with a five-axis machine tool, where new machining technologies are designed and tested for companies, was acquired and is operated in the D2 building in cooperation with experts from the University of West Bohemia.

The main objectives of the project

  • to support the traditional connection of the city of Pilsen with research, development and production of energy investment units,
  • to connect and develop the existing development infrastructure of the science and technology park with the university environment and industry, to strengthen the commercialisation of research results,
  • to motivate the potential of secondary schools, universities or other professionally educated workers not to leave the region or outside the Czech Republic, to develop and cultivate them here in a sustainable and long-term manner.
  • To establish and link research and development activities with companies and projects operating in Europe and worldwide and to return to the leading positions in research and development in traditional fields for Pilsen,
  • to support newly emerging companies or developing companies, especially of the SME type, which will be a source of new job opportunities,
  • using the project as a marketing tool for the presentation of Pilsen and the Pilsen Region as a modern European region supporting innovation.

Support for business development   

The activities taking place in the constructed facilities and the lease of the constructed new premises will purposefully support natural and legal persons who will permanently and systematically develop and support the development, research, production, testing and possibly subsequent servicing of new technologies and competitive products and services.

The target groups of the project, the target groups of tenants, were identified as operating small and medium-sized enterprises (growth phase), start-ups (start-up phase), other entities in the field of science and research, but also stable large companies carrying out applied research and development.

Cooperation with the university

The proximity and possibility of cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is also important for the RTD project, both in terms of the use of research capacities and the availability of qualified labour.

One of the institutes of the University of West Bohemia "New Technologies - NTC Research Centre" is located directly in the PSTP II in building C1, which deals with applied research with a significant component of problem-oriented research on technological processes, technical and non-technical dynamic systems and materials.

Cooperation with the Research Centre

Buildings F2 and G2 are partly used for the activities of the SUSEN (SU Sustainable ENergy) project, which is being prepared by Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o. These activities are focused on diagnostics and research of components and materials.

Services provided by the Science and Technology Park to entrepreneurs

Individualised specialised services are also provided to companies using the SST infrastructure. These include business consultancy services, e.g. assistance in the preparation of business plans, preparation of research and development projects, financial plans, finding suitable sources of financing, including preparing the company for the use of venture capital. Technology transfer services are also provided, including knowledge transfer between universities and businesses. Technology cooperation between companies is also supported.


Main goals

  • construction of 6 300 m2 of office and laboratory space, warehouses, technical facilities


  • the project is co-financed by the European Union from OP Enterprise and Innovation, Prosperity
  • Total project cost: CZK 268 million
  • EU contribution: CZK 166 million


2009 - 2012