Extension of the tram line to Borská pole - part Tram line

The subject of the project was the extension of the tram line by 1.39 km in the area of Borské polí in Pilsen.

The project responds to the rapidly developing south-western part of Pilsen - Borská pole. In this zone, with an area of approximately 350 ha, a new university campus of the University of West Bohemia, an industrial zone, commercial and administrative centres, and residential buildings have been built in recent years.

Due to a number of vacant areas and the approved spatial planning documentation, there is a prerequisite for further development of all these functions and housing development. This is also linked to the growth in demand for transport. Until 2011, the area was served only by bus transport; since 2011, one trolleybus line has been added. This has had a negative impact on the environmental aspects, as the area in question has been served by traction with the highest level of negative environmental impact.

The project had several objectives:

To reduce the negative effects associated with the operation of the bus line.

The extension of the tramway line to Borská pole replaced a significant part of the bus traction capacity with tram traction, which has lower negative environmental impacts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants and noise pollution.

Reduction of passenger transport time in the axis northern suburbs - central part of the city - Borská pole.

The implementation of the project has created a direct connection in this axis without the need to change trains. As a result, journey times are reduced by 6 minutes per journey on a working day. This creates a competitive connection with IAD.

Increased passenger comfort and safety.

The implementation of the project eliminated the need to change trains at the inadequate Bory terminal. This results in a significant increase in passenger comfort due to the distribution of transport capacity, and at the same time increases the safety of passengers who take the tram to their destination without having to change trains, or change trains at the new Kaplířova/Dobřanská terminal, which allows safer movement for passengers.

In parallel with the project, the project Extension of the tram line to Borská pole - part of the Plzeň/Kaplířova-Dobřanská interchange has been implemented, where significant synergies occur.

Main goals

  • improving the quality of travel
  • increasing passenger safety
  • reduction of travel time
  • reduction of negative effects from bus transport


  • the project is co-financed by the European Union from OPD 2014-2020
  • financed through the ITI PMO instrument
  • amount of the Union contribution: CZK 318.8 million 


  • start of construction 09/2018
  • construction finished 10/2020