Lobzy park - 1st Phase

The aim of the project "Lobzy park - 1st Phase" was primarily to mitigate flood flows. Furthermore, it was to strengthen the protection of nature and the river landscape, while at the same time fulfilling the recreational function.

The project as a whole forms a balanced landscape element that contributes to the improvement of the aesthetic function of the whole area. The river floodplain area is divided into purely natural, natural recreational and recreational areas.

The subject of the project was the excavation of 4 pools (T1,T2,T3 and T4) with a retention area of almost 8,000 m3 in order to improve the flood protection function of the area, i.e. to strengthen the natural water retention in the area. In this phase of the project, the pools are fed by groundwater only.

In addition to the retention basins, the "Lobzy park - 1st Phase" project also includes associated roads made of clay paths and paved roads, which ensure accessibility through the area.

Furthermore, vegetation modifications were carried out, which consisted mainly of felling and planting new trees (43 pieces), grassed areas, etc. The new plantings have increased the ruggedness and hydraulic roughness of the area, thus slowing down the flow of large waters through the floodplain.

The project also included play elements, which include a petanque playground, water play elements and children's climbing frames, which are located in the area due to the boundary of the active flood zone (100 year old water - Q100), as well as the removal of old utilities.

The project "Lobzy park - 1st Phase" was created as part of the REURIS project - Revitalisation of watercourses in urbanised areas.

Main goals

  • Total area of wetland biotopes created or restored: 0.741 ha
  • Total area of green space created or restored : 1,170 ha
  • Total number of newly planted trees: 43


  • The project is co-financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic within the Operational Programme Environment of the Czech Republic, Priority Axis 6 - Improving the state of nature and landscape (ERDF), Support area 6.4 - Optimisation of the water regime of the landscape and Priority Axis 6.5 - Support for the regeneration of urbanised landscapes, 50th call for proposals of the Operational Programme Environment
  • Total project cost. CZK 11.11 million
  • Union contribution: CZK 7,9 million


01/2015 - 05/2015