Transfer terminal Pilsen/Šumavská - bus station

The construction of the new transfer terminal in Šumavská Street in Plzeň was successfully completed a few days before the planned handover on 30 November 2018. Thanks to the construction of the new terminal, the previous three and a half kilometre distance between bus and train transfers was reduced to only a few tens of metres.

The bus terminal is situated in the area between Šumavská Street and the Plzeň main railway station. The capacity of the check-in part of the terminal is ten stands for buses in free order.

On the western side it is connected by escalators with the existing underpass from the main station, the platform is covered by a shelter 134 metres long.

In the eastern part of the terminal, an operational building was built to house toilets and sanitary facilities with a room for short-term rest for bus drivers. An elevator is located adjacent to the service building for wheelchair access. 

There is a car park in front of the terminal. There are four short-term parking spaces and two disabled parking spaces.

Towards the east of the new terminal there is a parking area which also serves as a turning point for trolleybuses of the Pilsen City Transport Company.

Main goals

  • increasing passenger safety when changing between modes of transport
  • speeding up transfers and improving the overall efficiency of transport organisation
  • better and more extensive facilities for passengers, shops, refreshments, cafés, which are located in the adjacent train station
  • easing the load on the roads within the city of Pilsen by a part of regional buses, i.e. faster passage for other modes of transport
  • reduction of the negative impact of noise and immissions from traffic, which originate from transport
  • revitalisation of neglected and aesthetically unsatisfactory public space


  • the project is co-financed by the European Union from IROP 2014-2020
  • financed through the ITI PMO instrument
  • total cost. 169 CZK
  • ERDF 100 mil. CZK 


June 2017 - November 2018